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I highly recommend Greg Morrison for divorce cases, especially involving abuse. His extensive knowledge, experience, organized and thorough work gained my trust, confidence and eased my spirit through the grueling process. It was also Greg’s sharp listening ear, respectful and compassionate spirit that made me feel heard, supported and empowered with hope, keeping me confident and clear moving forward.

S.M., Dripping Springs, Texas


Greg Morrison is a throw-back to the days when attorneys actually were honest, knew their craft well enough to answer your questions without charging more for “research time,” and he possesses outstanding integrity knowing when to say “No” to the client’s request. Not only do I explicitly trust him with my legal affairs, I have referred my adult children to him. Greg Morrison deserves the business he gets because he earns it.

Ben S., Austin, Texas


This is truly one of the easiest recommendations I have ever had the privilege to write. As an attorney, Greg is all of the things you wish for in a lawyer but really never think you will get. He is compassionate and empathetic. He is brilliant and funny. He can think outside the box and get very creative when trying to find solutions to potentially impossible situations. His instincts are spot on for knowing when to push ahead and when to back off. His laughter is contagious and can diffuse a tense moment instantly. He is a marvelous legal find and I consider myself fortunate to have had him in my circle and on my side.

Martha M., Round Rock, Texas


Four years ago, I went through a surprise divorce. As you can imagine, there were moments were I walked in strength and other moments where my emotions were far less controlled. Greg Morrison navigated those less controlled times with the utmost professionalism. He issued no judgment, yet gently made me aware of my stubborn areas in the negotiations that could stall things unnecessarily. He also taught me ways in which I could advocate for myself with my former husband to make the transition as smooth as possible. I greatly valued his calm presence and expertise throughout a very unexpected season of my life.

JMA, Austin, Texas


I believe the difference between a good attorney and a great attorney lies in the sincerity, drive, compassion, and very careful consideration he uses when approaching each client’s unique set of circumstances. I consider Greg Morrison a truly great attorney. Greg always treated me with the utmost professionalism and respect. His understanding of the extremely sensitive issues involved in my case and the compassion in which he viewed my situation not only reaffirmed my moral and ethical standing, but also strengthened my resolve to see the process through to the end.


Throughout the entire process, Greg counseled with me with clear, understandable, and smart legal advice. He presented me with all possible outcomes and implications that may have resulted from a particular course of action, and then provided me with his own expert recommendations. With Greg’s outstanding guidance, I was able to make sound, reasonable, and well-informed decisions regarding the direction of my case.


I have worked with several attorneys and feel well-equipped to praise Greg as absolutely one of the shrewdest, most innovative, and most intelligent scholars of civil litigation in the State of Texas. I give Greg my highest possible recommendation.

James V., Austin, Texas


I would like to thank you for all your hard work in this case. It was obvious to me that you invested a lot of time in preparation. It was nice to have a few minutes to get to know you. Interesting to find out that you are a warm, caring and generous person (attorneys don’t have a reputation for that). I am happy to know that if my son is successful and is accepted to law school, as he expects, he can still keep his dignity and self respect. The talk helped to calm my nerves, made me feel that whatever comes we gave it our best effort.

C.W., Fayette County, Texas


The Morrison Law Firm was recommended to me by a friend who was also recently represented by Greg. I was pleasantly surprised during my initial consultation and knew I had come to the right place. Greg’s assistant was very pleasant and helped me feel at ease. My visit with Greg was exactly what I had hoped for. Greg was very knowledgeable and understanding, explained things in a way that I could understand, and showed genuine care and compassion for the predicament I was in with my divorce. One thing I love about Greg’s philosophy towards practicing law is he allows you to perform some of the leg work in your case in order to minimize the cost of your experience. He is certainly willing to perform all the tasks if you so choose but is also sensitive to the fact that the bottom line is as important to the client as a positive resolution to the case. Greg is a man of integrity who fights for his clients but also does it in a way that is respectful of the opposing side. My experience with the Morrison Law Firm was extremely positive. I certainly hope I don’t require representation in the future, but if I do, I will certainly want Greg on my side.

K.L., Austin, Texas

I call Greg the “anti-lawyer.” From our first meeting, he put me at ease in the midst of a very difficult situation and made sure that both he and I were on the same page throughout my case. His dedication and commitment to be as thorough as possible gave me confidence that we would be successful despite multiple challenges faced. A divorce is never an easy thing to endure but, if you must go through such, it pays big dividends to have someone as honest and rigorous as Greg in your corner. I gladly commend him to anyone in need of a great attorney whose ethics and professionalism must be of the highest caliber.

Matt G., Plainview, New York


I am so pleased to be able to tell people about the service that I have received from Greg Morrison and his law firm. It isn’t the nice office or personal touch that matters when a person needs legal defense or courtroom representation, although those things are helpful. The real proof is in the courtroom in front of a Judge who is about to change your life. Or it is the ability of a lawyer to represent a person in mitigation with a room full of opinion and self-motivation from the opposing party; this is what is important in legal battles. You want to know the guy sitting next to you has your best interest at heart.  If you are looking for a very smart, personable but tough, compassionate Lawyer who will do his very best in your individual situation, there is no one better than Greg Morrison. Greg is worthy of your trust because he is honest and will not lead you into unfruitful avenues or waste your time and money. 

C.L., Kyle, Texas


I highly recommend Morrison Law Firm to anyone needing help in the categories that this firm represents. Greg Morrison was listed as a “preferred” attorney for the agents at the real estate company where my wife is the office manager. So, I called and set up an appointment with him. Greg and his assistant were very courteous and thorough from the very get go. As the case moved along, I was kept informed with the details and progress as soon along the way. I always knew what the next step would be. I also felt Greg was very conscious of keeping my fee as low as possible, which I very much appreciated. When the case was completely settled, in my favor I might add, just a few days later I received a refund check for the balance of my retainer. All in all, I will use the Morrison Law Firm again if I ever need an attorney.

A.P., Austin, Texas


I contacted Greg when I was going through one of the hardest times in my life. He walked me through each step of my divorce and was very kind and patient through out. He helped me put an end to what seemed like a never-ending nightmare. When I needed him to be, he even prepared documents for me on a Sunday. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an honest and standup divorce lawyer.

S.P., Austin, Texas 


Greg Morrison is someone I’d hire again in a heartbeat. Greg is a highly skilled legal expert with a firm commitment to his clients, his profession, and his personal knowledge in the area of family law. I’ve recommended the Morrison Law Firm to friends and family alike, and it has been a great pleasure to have his assistance and advice in the past. Greg offers great, personalized legal services, he’s good-humored, and he has my most sincere recommendation.

Jim B., Austin, Texas


The results of my case was due to the professional manner and presentation in which the results were most satisfactory. Your advice and hard work allow me to highly recommend Greg Morrison and his firm for the quality and professional service.

W., Bastrop, Texas


Greg was stayed on top of my divorce and was extremely helpful. Any time I had questions, he provided valuable feedback. In addition, he was personable and consoling which is what is needed in a time such as divorce.

Carrie P., Austin, Texas



I hired Greg while I was still in Iraq. Talk about finding someone to take a case from thousands of miles away! Greg was one of the hardest working and disciplined people that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Greg’s commitment to excellence, deep questioning, and rigorous analytical approach infused all of his work with quality and integrity. He commands strong loyalty because of his level of commitment and follow-through and he is excellent at maintaining a highly effective work ethic that he leverages for everyone’s benefit. I am very happy to give Greg my highest recommendation.

Keri B., Wasilla, Alaska


I have been represented by Greg Morrison and his team multiple times over the past several years with divorce and custody issues. He has done an exceptional job for me and the results have been exactly what I was looking for. I would recommend Greg to anyone needing his services.  

C.K., Buda, Texas


Greg and his team handled my divorce and I highly recommend him. Greg is very knowledgeable and patient. From the beginning until the end, he stayed in contact with me and followed up promptly when I had questions.  

Sam K., Austin, Texas

Comprehensive, Creative, Trusted Family Law Help

Our family law team brings extensive experience to the table, which enables us to provide a wide range of advice and representation regarding family law matters, such as:


At the Morrison Law Firm, we achieve faster, less-costly results with less stress and more respect for everyone's emotional well-being. If resolution is only possible in court, we will ensure your rights and interests remain the focus of our efforts on your behalf there as well.

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Whether it is divorce, alimony, domestic violence, prenuptial agreements, or other family law concerns, trusted family lawyer Greg Morrison can make a difference in your life. 


Please call (512) 328-3030 or contact us here to schedule a confidential, comprehensive, initial consultation today.


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