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Domestic Violence & Protective Orders

Travis County Protective Orders Lawyer

One of the most sacred rights an individual and family deserves is the right to feel safe in their own home. Domestic violence is something the Morrison Law Firm takes seriously. As family law attorneys, we help arrange for protective orders against abusive spouses, and we will not waste a second to get it done. Our clients - from Austin to Dripping Springs to Cedar Park and neighboring areas all in between – deserve to feel safe, and we will do everything in our power to make that happen.


Principal attorney Greg Morrison has over 29 years of legal and trial representation. He and his expert family law team provide every client with attentive and compassionate counsel that can make a tremendous difference in their lives. At the Morrison Law Firm, we understand that domestic violence can complicate a divorce or other family law matter. Therefore, we always take the time to address your questions and structure representation to meet your unique situation.


Trusted Austin Family Attorney Serving Central Texas

Accusations of domestic assault are not always a simple problem that orders for protection can resolve. The unfortunate reality is that divorce and other family law litigation can result in abusive behavior by not only husbands and fathers, but sometimes wives and mothers. However, the party alleging to be a victim may also exaggerate and try to use an allegation of domestic violence to their advantage in a divorce, especially in a battle for child custody. No matter who is at fault, the family law team at Morrison Law Firm will fight for what is right.


We have the family law knowledge and experience to sort out the physical, emotional and mental issues that can lead to domestic violence claims. When there is unmistakable evidence of spousal or child abuse, we will immediately take legal action to protect victims. We also protect those who are the targets of false outcries, such as abuse, used to gain leverage in a family dispute.


Comprehensive Domestic Violence Help

Whether it is a spouse, ex-spouse, parent or just someone whom you are dating, when someone is guilty of violence against their loved ones, the victims of that violence have rights under the law. Our thorough approach to family law will provide that person with many legal alternatives, such as access to professional help and resources. Access to these outside resources ultimately protects everyone's best interests, as it can help resolve legal, and other, concerns.


Call Our Austin, Texas Family Law Firm Today: (512) 328-3030

If you or your family are dealing with issues of domestic violence in a divorce or other family law proceeding, your choice of attorney can significantly impact the final resolution of your case. We invite you to contact us to schedule a consultation with skilled protective orders attorney Greg Morrison and his team of family law experts.

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Comprehensive, Creative, Trusted Family Law Help

Our family law team brings extensive experience to the table, which enables us to provide a wide range of advice and representation regarding family law matters, such as:


At the Morrison Law Firm, we achieve faster, less-costly results with less stress and more respect for everyone's emotional well-being. If resolution is only possible in court, we will ensure your rights and interests remain the focus of our efforts on your behalf there as well.

Texas family law attorney serving communities throughout Central Texas


Whether it is divorce, alimony, domestic violence, prenuptial agreements, or other family law concerns, trusted family lawyer Greg Morrison can make a difference in your life. 


Please call (512) 328-3030 or contact us here to schedule a confidential, comprehensive, initial consultation today.


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