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Child Custody Lawyer in Austin, TX

Child Custody & Visitation Attorney Austin, TX

Child custody and visitation rights are both significant concerns for divorcing parents and those involved in other family law cases. We understand this concern at the Morrison Law Firm, and we will always put your child’s best interests first in the case of a divorce or other custody proceeding. Lead attorney Greg Morrison uses his extensive litigation experience and dispute resolution skills to address any worries over establishing the appropriate custody arrangement, visitation schedules, relocation restrictions, and other related concerns.


Child custody and visitation issues will come up in three different types of family law cases: divorce, suits affecting the parent-child relationship (generally used to refer to cases where two people have a child together but are not married, “SAPCR”) and modifications. The Morrison Law Firm regularly handles each of these.


We can help make a difference in your life. 


When discussing child custody and visitation terms during any divorce or any of the other family law proceedings mentioned above, we will listen to the concerns of our client, as well as the concerns of our client's spouse or former spouse. Only then can we work closely with the opposing attorney or party to create an agreement that best meets the needs of the family, while simultaneously reconciling any individual differences and avoiding the emotional and monetary costs of litigation. 


Our expertise can help you in the following areas of divorce:



Court CAN be avoided.


At the Morrison Law Firm, we will do everything in our power to find an alternative to emotionally exhausting and financially costly courtroom battles.  We will offer you alternate strategies to negotiate a mutually acceptable resolution, finding creative solutions to settle child custody and visitation issues amicably. By applying a collaborative approach to the process, we enhance your odds of settlement and avoiding the courtroom. However, in the event litigation becomes inevitable, and sometimes it is, the Morrison Law Firm will aggressively litigate on your behalf. We've been protecting the rights and interests of parents and their children for over 29 years, and we will continue with you.


Paternity testing and fathers' rights explained.


If you have been ordered to take a paternity test or pay child support based on the outcome of a paternity test – you have rights, in addition to obligations. If your paternity is being denied, the Morrison Law Firm can help you legally establish paternity and assure your right to act as the child's legal parent. As your father's rights and SAPCR lawyer, we will thoroughly explain how Texas' father's rights and child support law affect your particular circumstances.


We are your bridge over adversity in family law matters.


Email or call the Morrison Law Firm, (512) 328-3030, today to schedule a consultation with our family law specialists to learn more about your custody, visitation, and/or paternity rights in a divorce, SAPCR or modification proceeding. 


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Comprehensive, Creative, Trusted Family Law Help

Our family law team brings extensive experience to the table, which enables us to provide a wide range of advice and representation regarding family law matters, such as:


At the Morrison Law Firm, we achieve faster, less-costly results with less stress and more respect for everyone's emotional well-being. If resolution is only possible in court, we will ensure your rights and interests remain the focus of our efforts on your behalf there as well.

Texas family law attorney serving communities throughout Central Texas


Whether it is divorce, alimony, domestic violence, prenuptial agreements, or other family law concerns, trusted family lawyer Greg Morrison can make a difference in your life. 


Please call (512) 328-3030 or contact us here to schedule a confidential, comprehensive, initial consultation today.


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