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Child Support

Austin, Texas, Child Support and Child Custody Lawyer

Legal issues involving child support often include more than just concerns about support obligations and visitation schedules. In fact, child support issues often encompass concerns related to education costs, healthcare needs, and even social activities.

The Morrison Law Firm, in Austin, Texas, is a family law office that devotes much of our legal attention to child support enforcement and related child custody issues. We understand that child support can become an emotionally volatile area whether you are the one who is obligated to pay, or the one who is receiving the payment. Our firm will always take the time to listen to your underlying concerns about child support issues before, during, and after your divorce or final settlement.

Contact us for experienced legal advice and representation focused on finding support solutions that take into account the best interests of everyone in the family affected by a divorce.

Support Calculations and Fathers' Rights

Like many states, Texas child support laws awards support for children in a divorce based on certain factors:

  • The number of children involved
  • How much income you earn
  • The number of children for whom the parent has the duty of support outside of this marriage
  • The cost of providing health insurance for the children

The Texas Family Code sets guidelines for child support. These guidelines are, presumptively, in the best interests of the children. Courts are directed to follow these guidelines unless there is evidence to justify a different amount of child support. In making a decision as to whether such evidence exists for varying from the guidelines, the Court may look at the child's particular needs, the child's activities, etc. Fathers' rights are also becoming an important issue as men push for more time with their children in a divorce. Our firm offers experienced help addressing many related support concerns, including what to do when child support or alimony payments fall behind.

Child Support Enforcement and Modification

Should either parent fail to follow support orders, we assist clients with support order enforcement. We can also work with parents on either side of a divorce when there is a substantial change in their life that merits a modification of a previously existing child support or custody arrangement. At the Morrison Law Firm, we never forget that even unfounded worries are very real to our clients, and as such, they deserve to be addressed with compassion.

Contact a Lee County Family Law Attorney

Although we are always prepared to take your family law problems to court, our skilled attorneys recommend a collaborative approach. By encouraging clients to find healthier ways to resolve their differences by working together toward mutually beneficial goals, divorcing parents not only teach their children the value of cooperation, they can also reduce the time, money and emotional trauma.

If you are currently involved in a legal matter that includes child support issues, or if you are concerned about a potential support issue, contact us for a consultation. We will help you understand the law and how it applies to your case. You will be able to make well-informed decisions based on rational thinking about Texas child support law. Please call 512-328-3030.

Our Law firm represents clients throughout Texas including, but not limited to: Austin, Central Texas, Bastrop, Elgin, San Marcos, Kyle, Buda, Georgetown, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Cedar Park, Leander, Lago Vista, Lakeway, Westlake Hills, Dripping Springs, Pedernales, Bee Caves, La Grange, Giddings, Schulenburg, Ledbetter, Lexington, Williamson County, Travis County, Hays County, Fayette County, Lee County, and more.

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