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Greg Morrison is a throw-back to the days when attorneys actually were honest, knew their craft well enough to answer your questions without charging more for “research time,” and he possesses outstanding integrity knowing when to say “No” to the client’s request. Not only do I explicitly trust him with my legal affairs, I have referred my adult children to him. Greg Morrison deserves the business he gets because he earns it.

--Ben S., Austin, Texas

This is truly one of the easiest recommendations I have ever had the privilege to write. As an attorney, Greg is all of the things you wish for in a lawyer but really never think you will get. He is compassionate and empathetic. He is brilliant and funny. He can think outside the box and get very creative when trying to find solutions to potentially impossible situations. His instincts are spot on for knowing when to push ahead and when to back off. His laughter is contagious and can diffuse a tense moment instantly. He is a marvelous legal find and I consider myself fortunate to have had him in my circle and on my side.

--Martha M., Round Rock, Texas

I believe the difference between a good attorney and a great attorney lies in the sincerity, drive, compassion, and very careful consideration he uses when approaching each client’s unique set of circumstances. I consider Greg Morrison a truly great attorney. Greg always treated me with the utmost professionalism and respect. His understanding of the extremely sensitive issues involved in my case and the compassion in which he viewed my situation not only reaffirmed my moral and ethical standing, but also strengthened my resolve to see the process through to the end.

Throughout the entire process, Greg counseled me with clear, understandable, and smart legal advice. He presented me with all possible outcomes and implications that may have resulted from a particular course of action, and then provided me with his own expert recommendations. With Greg’s outstanding guidance, I was able to make sound, reasonable, and well-informed decisions regarding the direction of my case.

I have worked with several attorneys and feel well-qualified to praise Greg as absolutely one of the shrewdest, most innovative, and most intelligent scholars of civil litigation in the State of Texas. I give Greg my highest possible recommendation.

--James V., Austin, Texas

Greg Morrison is someone I’d hire again in a heartbeat. Greg is a highly skilled legal expert with a firm commitment to his clients, his profession, and his personal knowledge in the area of family law. I’ve recommended Morrison Law Firm to friends and family alike, and it has been a great pleasure to have his assistance and advice in the past. Greg offers great, personalized legal services, he’s good-natured and good-humored, and he has my most sincere recommendation.

--Jim B., Austin, Texas

Greg stayed on top of my divorce and was extremely helpful. Any time I had questions he provided valuable feedback. In addition, he was personable and consoling which is what is needed in a time such as divorce.

--Carrie P., Austin, Texas

I hired Greg while I was still in Iraq, talk about finding someone to take a case from thousands of miles away! Greg was one of the hardest working and disciplined people that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Greg’s commitment to excellence, deep questioning, and rigorous analytical approach infused all of his work with quality and integrity. He commands strong loyalty because of his level of commitment and follow-through and he is excellent at maintaining a highly effective work ethic that he leverages for everyone’s benefit. I am very happy to give Greg my highest recommendation.

--Keri B., Wasilla, Alaska

Our Law firm represents clients throughout Texas including, but not limited to: Austin, Central Texas, Bastrop, Elgin, San Marcos, Kyle, Buda, Georgetown, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Cedar Park, Leander, Lago Vista, Lakeway, Westlake Hills, Dripping Springs, Pedernales, Bee Caves, La Grange, Giddings, Schulenburg, Ledbetter, Lexington, Williamson County, Travis County, Hays County, Fayette County, Lee County, and more.

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